Hi I’m Tzvika an entrepreneur & growth maker.

I build products people need & love, and help companies find their growth engines.  

My latest project is GrowthPack, and i'm currently involved with Jifiti.com, building it’s B2B Growth & Sales. 

Previously, I’ve Co-Founded WiseStamp (a B2C Saas) and led its growth from bootstrap to millions in downloads and revenue. I’ve been working with SaaS companies since 2005, starting as an SEO analyst, fast forward to building & growing my own Saas business - WiseStampSince then I was fortunate to lead growth projects for "500 fortune" companies such as Waze & Google and helped Seed stage & round A startups find product market fit, traction & growth.

I have spoken and consulted to companies in San Francisco, New York, Tel Aviv and Tokyo on product marketing, growth & sales hacking.

What is GrowthPack?
GrowthPack is my latest project. The Startup Growth Gallery is a curated directory of growth tools & resources i've personally - hand picked, tested and used to grow the companies i'm involved with. Further on I’ll be sharing here my own tools & resources along with tips & actionable frameworks to help you grow your startup 10x.
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